Christmas performance 2020

This morning, we recorded our songs, dance and poem for our class Christmas performance, which will be part of the whole school video going live next week.

Year 2 have made me one proud teacher with their enthusiasm to perform.

Below are some pictures from our rehearsals in the hall.

We cannot wait for you all to see what we have ready for you!

Enrichment homework projects from Autumn 1

Last half term, I set the children a research task for their first homework enrichment project. They had to do some research about the famous inventor Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the telephone.

I was absolutely overwhelmed by how much effort and enthusiasm Year 2 children had put into completing this task at home. They also gained lots of new knowledge about the famous inventor.

It was up to them how they presented their research, with some children making posters and others making fact files to name a few.

Below are some pictures of some of the children’s research projects that were emailed in. Well done to you all!

Here is Oliver’s poster of Alexander Graham Bell.
Oliver put lots of effort into presenting his research on a poster, with the facts written in the shape of a telephone.
Elliott chose to present his research on a poster. He made such an effort to write down his research so neatly and in full sentences.
Madeline’s poster is very colourful and has all of the information beautifully written on it.
Oliver made a poster all about Alexander Graham Bell and it included lots of information about his family and his interests.
Joseph wrote a fact file all about Alexander Graham Bell with information about his first ever invention.
Felicity made a very colourful poster all about Alexander Graham Bell with various information about his family members.

Golden Moments

Congratulations to Joseph who was presented with a golden leaf during our golden moments assembly.

He is stood in front of golden tree below feeling very proud of himself!

Caring art work

Our school value this half term is caring.

The represent this, we decided to paint love hearts using different colours by mixing paints together.

This was in the style of the famous artist Kadinsky.

The children did very well and to show that we are a caring year group, we will display them in our classroom and in the school office.

Living and non-living things

In Science this week, the children were introduced to living and non-living things.

This formed part of our Science working wall in the classroom.

At the end of the lesson, the children were asked to write on an orange post it note the name of a living thing and the name of a non-living thing on a yellow post it note.

This was a great way to see what the children had gained in knowledge by the end of the lesson.

Below, you can see a picture of the children’s responses on our Science working wall.