Thank you key workers!

Before half term, Year 2 were learning about significant nurses in History.

The end of this unit of work focused on looking at how nurses and key workers on the front line during the Covid-19 pandemic have been just as important as nurses from the past.

I asked them to make a thank you poster for all of the key workers who have kept society going whilst there have been lockdowns and restrictions across the UK.

They had the last week of the half term and over the half term holiday to complete their posters.

Elliott H
Elliott L

Litter picking

Over February half term, Madeline and her younger sister Edith went litter picking in their local park.

They saw someone with one and asked if they could have one.

Madeline said she wanted to keep the planet clean and was sad how much rubbish people leave on the ground amd they should put it in a bin or take it home.

Edith said it is naughty and they need to put it in a bin.

Well done to both of you! This was such a good opportunity to highlight this terms value of responsibility.

Letters to Goldilocks’ mum

Some of Year 2 were asked to write a short letter to Goldilocks’ mum to explain where she had been and what happened to her red shoes.

I was so impressed with the detail in each of their letters. They all showed a clear understanding of the story and I was very pleased to hear from parents at home that they had worked hard on their own to write their letters and include all of the correct information.

As well as full stops, Year 2 were challenged to use some commas in their letters too. I am very proud of the children for remembering how to use commas in a list correctly from our literacy lessons last term.

I hope you enjoy reading them!