Goldilocks character profiles

This week, some of the year 2 children will be writing a character description about Goldilocks. They read the version written by Lauren Child, which is slightly different to the traditional tale of Goldilocks that they have read already.

Before writing this, they were asked to create a character profile plan using lots of different adjectives from a previous online lesson.

I was very impressed with their full sentences, beautiful handwriting and use of commas to separate their listed adjectives.

I’m really looking forward to reading your character descriptions at the end of this week children!

Elliott L

Wanted posters

Some children in Year 2 have read the story of Goldilocks by Lauren Child this week.

This is a slightly different version to the traditional Goldilocks tale.

I asked the children to create their own Wanted poster about this version of Goldilocks.

I was overwhelmed with how accurately some of the children used commas in their posters to separate the adjectives they chose to describe Goldilocks.

As you can see, Elliott L and Oliver J wrote so neatly on their paper at home. There were lots of different adjectives to describe Goldilocks’ physical appearance and personality.

Excellent work boys!

Artists at home

It has been fantastic to receive lots of pictures from the children of their drawings that they have been working on at home.

We definitely have some future artists!

Some of these drawings have been made from following on online art tutorial. You have been so creative Year 2!

Elliott’s car
Felicity’s sausage dog
Felicity’s scientist
Harjot’s scientist and Poppie’s sausage dog