Street Teams visit to Rushall

Street Teams came to Rushall to teach the children about staying safe online.

Here is a video clip of a chant that the children learned as a class to help them remember what to do if they feel unsafe or unsure about something that they have seen on the internet or whilst playing any online games.

The visit was very enriching for the children.

Fruit salads

In DT, year two have been learning about healthy eating and healthy dishes that we can put together at home.

This week, they designed and made their own fruit salad. We also learned about the importance of washing fruit and vegetables before we eat or cook with them.

Lichfield Garrick Theatre Workshop

It was wonderful to have visitors back in school this week!
Year two took part in a drama workshop led by two actors and play writers from Lichfield Garrick Theatre.

The workshop involved lots of different games and exercises that required the children to pretend act and move like different characters and animals, such as mice and cats.

The children also provided with the actors their ideas for a play that they were writing about mice at Christmas!

Using Scratch Junior in Computing

This term, year 2 have been using the program ‘Scratch Junior’ to give a character instructions to follow and learn about repetition on a program. They were able to give their character instructions, such as, which direction to turn in, which direction to move in and how to move…

They also were able to change the design of the setting of where their character was. We have also been learning about the importance of team work and lending a helping hand, even to your teacher, if anyone is stuck or is having trouble working something out.

The Infant Singing Festival Summer 2021

I was one proud teacher on Monday afternoon when we recorded out two song entries for the annual infant singing festival, hosted by Walsall Music Hub.

Year 2 children sung ‘This Is Me’ from The Greatest Showman and an original song written especially for the singing festival called ‘Lockdown Life’.

The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It is so lovely to hear them sing and perform!

Below are some photographs and a video clip from their performance. It has been sent off to Walsall Music Hub and then it will be put into a large movie, which will be aired on their YouTube channel on Thursday 1st July. More information about how to access this will be given out soon.

Little Red Riding Hood

This week, Year 2 were introduced to the story of Little Red Riding Hood. The big bad wolf left us a letter and some clues in the outdoor retreat for us to find and work out what traditional tale he came from. We read the story of Little Red Riding Hood in the retreat and discussed the meaning behind the characters’ actions. Some of the children also made a prediction about what might happen next…

Our learning this half term

Below are a collection of photos from the past four weeks since the children returned to school on March 8th.

They have all worked incredibly hard and we look forward to seeing how they progress further in the summer term.

Making Easter cards using water colours in Art
World Book Day in school
Designing and making a microhabitat in Science and D+T

Map drawing

As part of Geography home learning this week, Year 2 were learning all about maps – how to follow a map, what they are used for, what the different symbols on maps mean and what the different compass points are.

I set them a challenge to draw a map of their garden or an outdoor area near their house.